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Gurgaon, India; San Francisco, USA

Each one of us works hard and some of us may even claim that we work smart.

But sometimes you still do not get the promotion that you well deserve. You may feel stuck and do not know what is stopping you from reaching the next level. This is likely to happen when you have already reached the mid-level and are looking for your opportunity to get into more senior roles. While you are still doing all the right things that got you here, somehow these same things are not equally effective for you anymore.

When you ask your superiors, they may tell you that you are doing great and want you to continue to do a good job. They may not share any negative feedback and no one, not even your HR is able to give you the formula to succeed.

Like Marshall Goldsmith has said, “What got you here, will not get you there.” It is time that you change your game because by now, you may have realized that the game has changed and the rules are not the same anymore.

You have the fire in your belly and a strong will to succeed and you are looking for the right plan of action.

This program is designed to help you come up with the right plan that will pave the way forward. There are quite a few aspects that need to be considered, and your needs may be a unique combination of such aspects.

I work with you to first understand your unique situation and then co-create a time-bound plan that covers the right elements. Also, I work with you through that duration to help you execute the plan.