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Well I am not talking about the table stakes today, you must know what your role is and perform to the standards that your boss and your company expects of you. Today I am going to talk about just four key things that will make or break, the possibility of your promotion.

Do more than what is expected

I guess the picture on the left is quite clear. You must learn to think in terms of doing more than required at all the times for all assignments. The impression that you leave on the stakeholders by just going a little extra mile is what will make you seem a head taller than the rest.


Be dependable

When you boss goes on leave, or has to leave on an emergency, are you the one who steps up to take additional responsibility? If not, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to connect with the peers or your boss and his immediate superiors. If you are able to deal with the responsibilities without creating issues for your boss during his time off, he/she will know that you are ready for shouldering more responsibility and will consider you for the same. Also, your peers will start looking up to you and will funnel their requests through you, ideally positioning you as a potential leader. Be the most dependable resource in your team, someone who is not shy of picking an additional job when needed.


Create Visibility

Beyond a point in your career “It does not matter what you know”, what matter more is, “Who know that you know all that”. If the right people do not know your capability, you are not going to be in their consideration set. Your visibility should not be limited to your immediate superior. You must seek cross functional projects and make sure that more people get to know about your capabilities and achievements.


Effective Collaborator

You must learn to collaborate with other people, and work towards creating shared goals that can make people focus on work and deliver results.  Also you must learn to delegate effectively, even among people that do not report to you. People around you will take notice of how you lead and bring things to conclusion and they will consider you first when the next promotion comes around.

In short nothing better than being ready for the next role so that as people notice you, they see the leader in you and you end up getting what you already deserved in the first place.

Post Author: Manbir Kaur

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